Sunday, January 29, 2012


Have you ever had a million ideas floating around in your head?  I have and do, all the time!  So the only way I know to get them out of my head is to get them down on paper (or in this case, online).  So here is just one of them...

I have a wonderful old cabinet that I had purchased about a year ago for my kitchen which I have been using as a pantry, but now that we are renovating the kitchen, I won't need that cabinet to be used as a pantry any longer.  I want to move it to my family room in the basement to store crafts, puzzles, games, etc.  This is the cabinet in it's current location.

This is how it currently looks on the inside.

I am hoping once we get it into it's new home in the family room, that it will look like this on the inside.  This is a beautifully organized storage cabinet from one of my favourite blogs A Bowl Full of Lemons.

And I was thinking of painting the front inset panels of the doors in chalkboard and/or magnetic paint so that it will look something like this beautiful cupboard from The Inadvertent Farmer.

Well, I can't wait to at least try to make mine look as good as these ones do.  Stay tuned for this and more makeover ideas!


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