Legal Stuff

First of all, as a journalistic trained writer I do research and fact check anything that is not original content and I try to maintain the most accurate information that I can.  That being said, mistakes do happen, so please feel free to double check any of the information that is provided through this blog.

Secondly, any advertising that is on this blog is clearly marked as such and is done through third party affiliates in which I receive a "commission" on items purchased through the links found on Family Life Happy Life.  
Thirdly, the Federal Trade Commission requires that I let you know (not that I wouldn't anyway) that sometimes I do receive free items from brands who would like me to giveaway or review their products and then if appropriate write a post about them.  I am happy to do this but I will always provide my own opinion and am in no way being paid to provide a positive review.  I will only accept and review items that are pertinent to the blog and in return you - the reader.

Lastly, any photos that are not originals of Family Life Happy Life will always be credited and linked back to their outside source.  Please remember to do the same if you choose to use any of the pics taken by Family Life Happy Life as they are copyright protected.

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