Thursday, September 01, 2011

To Do It or Not to Do It

I know what you are all thinking, but stop it and get your minds out of the gutters!  I'm not talking about that!  This is a family site!  My dilemma is this....remember in my last post I talked about this massive armoire that we would no longer be using?  
We had a couple of hits on Kijiji but nothing that panned out.  Now that I have been thinking about it, maybe this could be the solution to our home office troubles (we don't have one)!  I was thinking we could retrofit it using these pics as inspiration.

courtesy of Pottery Barn

courtesy of

courtesy of

courtesy of

courtesy of

courtesy of

courtesy of

Beautiful right?  I would love to delve into this and see what I come up with.  My only concern is that I know that once we do our main floor renovation we definately won't have space for this monster anymore, so here in lies the do it or not to do it??

Thursday, August 25, 2011

TV Drama

The other day the hubby called and said he was going to buy a new tv for our main floor living space.  I think, "Great, maybe he will go home and get it all set up and organize the living room as well".  Hahahahahahahaha....this is me realizing that it was all a dream, all except for the new tv part.  So this is what the hubs picked out.
Nice right?  I'm really not being sarcastic, I actually am happy about it because...alas...we are a family of tv people.  So, now we have this beautiful tv sitting in the box in the middle of our living room.  Now what?  We have this huge armoire that holds our old tube tv which we really want to get rid of, so it is for sale on Kijiji.

Although, sometimes I think it could be retrofitted into a great home office, but it really is just too big for our space. 

Then, we were thinking of taking this buffet (I know...I know, I have some organizing to do)

and removing the top (not sure what to do with it) and using this as our TV stand.  I think it will fit in really nicely and not be as overpowering as the armoire.  It also has lots of room for storage.  The only problem now is....what do I do with all the kitchen stuff that is currently housed inside this piece?  

Any ideas???

Monday, August 08, 2011

First Things First

Ok, so we made it back from vacation and it actually was really great.  We had a nice relaxing time.  Now that that is done, on to the really important stuff.  Time to get our main floor design completed.  We live in a small condo townhouse.  It is 2 stories with a basement which we just finished last year to be a family room/playroom and I love it!  Now, the issue is our main floor living space, entryway and eat-in kitchen.  Here are a few shots of our kitchen as this is the area that will change the most. 

The wall beside the fridge will be removed or at least made no deeper than the fridge.  It is our powder room which will be reconfigured in order to open up the space.
As you can see, we really lack storage.

This is our attempt at adding more storage.  I love this pantry by the way, which I found on Kijiji for $140
This is our eating area, it too is small, but maybe it will work better once the kitchen is redesigned?!

We had thought about upgrading to a bigger house, but we would really like to try and make this house work for a few more years. So, we had a designer come to our house and do a consultation, it was really great to get his opinion on where we should put our money as we don't want to over renovate.  He is going to do a floor plan for our entire main floor, I can't wait to see what his vision is, it is so great to get someone else's perspective, let alone a professional.  Hopefully that will happen in the next few weeks and in the meantime I hope to get started on some of my smaller projects, like my starburst mirror that I have been wanting to make.  I'll keep you updated on the progress.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Small Space Vacation

Here it first post. I was sitting here catching up on all my favourite blogs when my husband said, have you posted anything on your blog?" So, I got to thinking, I guess I should do that.

My goal is to write and document my updates in my home to make living in a small space with 2 young children manageable and enjoyable. I hope to soon start working on some household projects which I will be able to blog about, but first I am going on vacation... ah yes...vacation!

Now, where does a family who lives in a small space go on vacation? You might think a big cottage in the country, but alas, no, here is where we will be for the next week.

This picture is from last summer but yes, we are going to be going to an even smaller space - our RV trailer.

This may not sound like the most ideal situation, but it is perfect for us, it is our little piece of heaven. It is parked at a beautiful resort on the beaches of Lake Erie and it is amazing.

Bring on the sun, sand and surf!