Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Breathing New Life into Old Tables

Well, it has been a bit busy around the new abode; trying to get organized and unpacked and get ready for the holidays all at the same time.  I have found that the best motivator for getting the old butt in gear is having guests come over.  A week and a half ago my mother in law came to visit for the weekend and I really wanted to have the guest room completed.  That didn't happen, however I did manage to make it a little bit nicer than the last time she was here.  On her previous visit (I am ashamed to say) I hadn't even vacuumed or changed the sheets since my nephew had stayed over.

My first project was to make over a couple of hand-me-down end tables that my mother in law had given me.  I wasn't sure that I would be able to do anything with them at first because they were made of MDF with a veneer finish, but am I ever glad that I gave it the old college try.

I am so upset that in my haste to start this project, I completely forgot to take a before picture. UGH!! When you look at the tables, try and picture them in a cherry coloured veneer with a shiny brass handle hanging off of one end.

First of all I went scavenging through my garage and found my primer, which I love, it is called Zinsser Bulls-Eye123, "no scuff sanding required".  So the tables got a good thick coat of primer and I even let the munchkins help me out with this part.

I let the primer cure really well for probably about 24 hours and then I gave the tables their first coat of paint.  I used Rona 100% Acrylic Latex and Polyurethane, it is actually floor paint.   This was recommended to me by my friendly neighbourhood Rona paint specialist for painting furniture as it is more durable than regular latex paint.  The verdict? It was amazing! I will only be using floor paint to paint furniture from now on.

The colour I chose was called Mineral in a satin finish.  It is a bit difficult to tell from the pictures, but it is a really soft bluish-greenish-gray.  Looks pretty good, right?  That is after only one coat.  I couldn't believe it.  I almost left it at that, but I really wanted it to have a good hardy finish and didn't want any of that cherry veneer coming through, so I let it dry another couple of hours and then applied the 2nd coat of paint.

I think it looks fantastic!  Exactly what I was going for!  Here are the finished pieces in their designated space.

Now, I just have a few more things to do in that room. A new light...

....can you say YUCK!  Also, I want to redo this bench that I scored on Kijiji for $30.  I found some great fabric at Joann's when I went to Buffalo on my annual girls weekend that I want to use to recover it.

Some curtains, some paint, some accessories....ahhhhhh, so many projects, so little time! 

Until next time...Lisa.

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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Fall Harvest Porch

I must apologize in the delay in getting this post out.  I meant to do it back at the beginning of October but time has gotten away from me as it so often does at this time of year.  I can't believe I am gearing up to do some Christmas posts.

We decided to do a front porch display this fall because, well, we could.  Also, because it is something I have always wanted to do and autumn is my favourite season.  It was a really great way to get the kids involved as well.  They picked out their items that they wanted in the display and the hubby and I picked out what we wanted and we put it all together into a pretty terrific vignette.

Then for halloween all we had to do was carve the pumpkins...

 ...and insert a couple a creepy monkeys and voila! you have Halloween!

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures, I seem to be having some technical difficulties and will try to get the issues resolved in time for the next post.

Until next time....Lisa