Friday, July 29, 2011

Small Space Vacation

Here it first post. I was sitting here catching up on all my favourite blogs when my husband said, have you posted anything on your blog?" So, I got to thinking, I guess I should do that.

My goal is to write and document my updates in my home to make living in a small space with 2 young children manageable and enjoyable. I hope to soon start working on some household projects which I will be able to blog about, but first I am going on vacation... ah yes...vacation!

Now, where does a family who lives in a small space go on vacation? You might think a big cottage in the country, but alas, no, here is where we will be for the next week.

This picture is from last summer but yes, we are going to be going to an even smaller space - our RV trailer.

This may not sound like the most ideal situation, but it is perfect for us, it is our little piece of heaven. It is parked at a beautiful resort on the beaches of Lake Erie and it is amazing.

Bring on the sun, sand and surf!