Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kitchen Reno Update

Since last time I posted about my kitchen reno, we have made some changes....big surprise right?!  We are no longer using the fancy designer and reconfiguring our powder room, the expense just didn't justify itself.  Instead we decided to keep our current layout (for the most part) there will be a couple of surprises when I post the final result, but other than the layout pretty much everything will be different.  New cabinets, flooring, back splash, sink, counter tops and appliances.  Yes, aesthetically it will be much more pleasing but we are also adding more storage and more functionality - like full reach corner cabinets...YAY.  It's amazing how the little things can be so exciting!  

Anyway, here is a reminder of what my kitchen looked like before

.....and here is a sneak peek at some of the finishes we will be using...

This will be the flooring, it is a porcelain tile from Regal Tile in the colour Royal Crema.  Our tiles however will be 12" by 24", which I think is a really great look.

And the Piece De Resistance - my back splash.  This is my splurge item, it is Travertine Limestone by  Regal Tile.  I can not even wait to see this on the wall!
These will be our cabinets - they are Fabritec Expressive Helios in the colour Autumn Brown.  Love them!
Ahhh....these are my counter tops.  No, they are not quartz they look like they are, don't they?  They are actually Formica laminate.  I love these counter tops, we have had them in the past, you will see them in the pictures above and they are amazing, so durable and beautiful and a lot less expensive than the real thing.

Well, I can't wait.  We will probably begin the demo around the end of February.  Stay tuned as I will be updating you along the way.  Inside the world of a real life renovation, not the kind you see on TV that's done in a day.  



  1. So exciting! Dinner at your place when it's done k? Lol

  2. !!! i JUST got a quote from homedepot today for the SAME door style! i loooove it!! have you gotten the cabinets yet? hows the quality? despite the fact that its the exact door style / colour i want... im a little nervous after taking a good look at their eurostyle line... :-)

  3. Laura: Isn't it exciting! The thought of getting a new kitchen! My cabinets are supposed to be delivered this Friday so I will post another update at that time and will also begin posting the actual reno too. I also took a look at the Eurostyle line and for me the Fabritec ones were a better choice. I think because they are special order rather than in stock they will be a bit higher end.

  4. OMG it's SOOOOOOO exciting! 4 years of cooking in a crammped up 1950's style hell ive had enough! fabritec has 3 lines eurostyle (low end) instant (mid-range) and expressive (semi- custom) Helios @ 290/Lf it BETTER be the best!!! we missed the 163/Lf sale by days:-( the ability to upgrade to solid wood dove-tail drawers is what grabbed us... great feature.... our demo starts april 1st. but i'll be stopping by to see ur progress

    Good luck!

  5. ordered our cabinets from fabritec (expressive) since end of may and until now my kitchen/washroom still half done. mistakes after mistakes. purchased them thru home depot. my advise is, its better to order something local knowing that you can deal with the problem right away than having something ship(after waiting for 6wks)then its not the right color/size/missing parts - cabinet they send. another waiting period. its very frustrating but i hope this can be resolve right away.


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