Monday, January 16, 2012

Girl's Rooms

One of the many projects that I have undertaken in order to get this house to work for our family was to update the girl's bedrooms. The baby needed to move out of the crib and into a big girl bed and we needed to figure out a solution for my oldest to have a bed that works for her but also doubles as a guest bed. We researched all the different options...
like these Ikea bunk beds...
...these are so cute and they come apart to make 2 beds and since her room has a dark Ikea dresser and bookshelf this would work perfectly.  The only problem is...not very practical for guests and since my oldest currently has a twin bed that will be moving to the baby's room it still doesn't give us a great option for when my parents stay over.  I can just picture my dad trying to climb onto that second bed...Oiii!

Another option, again from Ikea was this lovely number...

...this was a great idea because it is super flexible, not only does it have great storage capacity with those drawers, but it can be a day bed like this or a sofa or you can pull out the whole drawer section and there is another mattress that pulls up and turns the whole bed into a double! I loved this idea, however I had 2 problems with this.  The first is that it was relatively expensive for the frame plus I would have had to buy 2 mattresses.  The second problem was that I already had a lovely dark wood headboard from that expensive convertible crib that I had bought with the plan that someday it would be used for a double bed.

Therefore I was left with only one option, which I truly think is the best option since it solves all of our problems.

Yes, a simple 'ol double bed attached to that headboard from the crib.  These are my 2 little monkeys, checking it all out mid move.  So the mattress was donated to charity and the remainder of that precious crib that my little ones spent the first couple of years of their young lives in was tossed out in the trash ;(

Ok...ok...enough sappiness, can you tell I am not one to hold onto things just because they are sentimental?  Anyway... on to the little one's room.  The cute white Ikea Hemnes twin bed was moved out of the big girl's room and into the little girl's room.
She loves it and I love that it was an easy transition.  We also repainted her room in this soft purple and then a pop of colour on the closet doors with the paint and decals to go with her quilt.  I still have some curtains and light fixtures and pictures to put up in each of their rooms, watch for some of these items to appear as projects in the next few weeks.

Anyone else had a similar kind of dilemma in choosing the right investment pieces for your family?


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