Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bill Payment Binder

I'm not sure where I first saw this idea, but I know it was about a year ago.  It was working great for me until we moved at the end of August and then it all went to HE(double hockey sticks!). This has been my filing system for the last 4 months but enough is enough.

Just a big pile of paper that was kept in a grocery bag.  When I dumped it out, this was it.

I decided to dig in and get things sorted out.  First of all I sorted every piece of paper into 3 piles: trash, filing and needs immediate attention.  Once that was done, I took the "filing" pile and further sorted it into: bills and other.  I will go through the "other" items in another post and for today focus on how I organize my bills.

First, I start with a pretty binder because I feel like this mundane stuff should at least be nice to look at.  This one is just from the dollar store, so there is no big investment required.

Next, I got out my trusty label maker and gave it a spine label.  I didn't make anything for the front cover, because first of all, it is pretty as is and secondly this binder doesn't have an opening to slip a cover page into.

The section dividers (adding more prettiness here) are also from the dollar store and again I made labels using my label maker.

I sorted my bills by type, ie. utility, credit cards, etc.  if you are not technologically challenged like me and you get your bills electronically, you may want to use an electronic or online version of a bill paying organizer, but since I am old school, I like to get my bill paying on with paper and pen!

Basically, every time a bill comes in it gets opened and the due dated entered onto a calendar and then slipped into the front pocket of the binder until it is time to pay it.  Once payed it gets hole punched and slipped into the binder under the correct tab.  I keep everything for one year, that way if we need anything for tax purposes it is easy to find.

You can use any calendar that you like to write your payment due dates on, however, I wanted to keep things fun and pretty so I printed out these free ones from Lia's site is absolutely gorgeous, she is very talented.

Well, I hope this makes paying the bills a little more enjoyable.  Have fun getting it all set up and let me know how it goes.

Until next time...Lisa

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