Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY for the Holidays

Hello again, I know...I know, this is the most you've ever heard from me but I am so excited to share my projects and those of the blogosphere with you that I just can't stop myself.

Today, I'm going to share a couple of little DIY projects that I've done to add some Christmas cheer to our home.

The first is such a quick and easy one that I made it using items I already had on hand.  It looks really cute hanging in the kitchen.

I started with some ribbon that came wrapped around packages of ornaments from the dollar store and then I strung through some cookie cutters.  I alternated the colours of both the ribbon and the cutters, but you could place them however you like or just use one colour.  Instead of ribbon you could use beaded garland or string, whatever your little heart desires.  The only thing I would recommend is to tie a knot or have some kind of stopper at the end of each section where you want to hang it otherwise the cutters will slide down and bunch up in the middle.  Here's a closer look at it.

The cutters that I happened to have had holes in them so I just strung the ribbon through it and then through the shape itself so that the shape was facing out instead of hanging sideways.  If your cookie cutters don't have a hole like these do, you may need to play around with the ribbon to find a way to tie it so that you can actually see the shapes.

This project took me about 15 minutes and the kids helped too!

The next DIY took a bit more time.  I had to do a bit of research and thanks to YouTube, found a couple of online tutorials like this one from Skillins Greenhouse.

I decided that this year I wanted to learn how to make my own bows, so I got some really great rolls of ribbon from Michaels on a fantastic 70% off sale and with this particular pattern, I've made 2.  They found their home on my double front doors which I hung with matching wreath hangers.

I admit, I've gone a little bow crazy around the house because once you learn how to do it, they really are so simple and look beautiful.

I’m sharing this at the Dare to DIY party hosted by Decor and the Dog, Maybe Matilda, Newly Woodwards, and Two Twenty One! So be sure to check them out.

Until next time....Lisa


  1. Making bows is totally addicting, isn't it? I love your bows and that cookie cutter garland is adorable! Thanks so much for linking up to Dare to DIY!

    1. It absolutely is and thanks for the chance to link up!

  2. Cookie cutter garland. Adorable. Such a great idea for the kitchen. Thanks for joining the Dare to DIY!


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